Case studies the most underrated blogging platform

Case studies the most underrated blogging platform

For every beginner aspirant willing to earn money online, the first picture that comes to our mind is blogging. The online platform where the aspirants can earn money without much expertise and experience. All you need is a system with a stable internet and electricity connection. If these parameters you have. Yes, you can kickstart your earnings in blogging.

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There is a wide variety of niches for blogging available in the market. It can be of many types such as fashion, sports, travel, etc. But there is one most underrated niche in the global market whose deep analytic understanding is crucial for the aspiring bloggers who want to excel in this field.

About case studies
Case studies. I am sure you must be familiar with this term. During our childhood, we all have read about this in environmental studies subject. Case studies are the type of blogging where the person narrates or describes a particular thing or happening deeply and enables the reader to have a firm understanding of it. In other words, case studies mean in-depth descriptive as well as the narrative study of anything. It can be related to particular happenings, objects, scenario events, programs, etc. One of the niches of blogging, which usually bloggers don’t consider much but pose vital importance in gaining the audience or traffic. It is more on the technical side and considered the toughest to write for many bloggers.

Once you have a basic understanding of the case studies then it's easy to write down on paper without much effort. The main thing to remember is to study and collect as many points about the selected topic as possible and get in-depth details. Then only the person can write it in an interesting and informational way. There are three types of case studies that we usually write. These are as follows.

Exploratory case studies- It is the type of case study for which the proper research hasn’t been done and demands more research. It is the same as the term “discovery”, which means to explore hidden information. If defined in simple words then it is the investigation of the problem which not previously defined properly. Extensive research is required for writing exploratory case studies.

Let us assume, that the previous research was about the sweet spot of the cricket bat which is the only area of the bat where if the ball gets in contact, it can go a long way into the crowd. But exploratory case studies will show that there is one more sweet spot on the bat that is its edge. Though there are many examples of such case studies this one could be much easier to remember for all the youths.

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Descriptive case studies- Descriptive case studies are the type of studies that describe the situation, population, or phenomenon that is been studied. It describes, what and where questions and deep description is been done about the same. It doesn’t require much research work but is still vital to gain as much knowledge that can let you write case studies of at least 500 to a maximum of 1500 words. It is more inclined towards answering a question such as “what” and not how, when, or why.

Suppose, the cricket coach wants to apply a particular strategy in a particular match against strong opposition in a bilateral series. For such he requires their batsman scoring areas where each of their batsman scores runs. For such he will analyze the first match and will know their average scoring zones in total then through effective case studies, he can make an effective strategy to overpower the opposition.

Explanatory case studies- It is the type of case study which focuses on the question or various phenomenon that remains static. Let us say a particular team suffered a big loss in the cricket match. And they know that though the team has won the major factor in their team is because of their key batsman who is playing defensively and doesn’t score runs at a higher strike rate. As the batsman is holding one ends up so the staff is deciding not to drop such a player from the playing eleven.

Then opposition has noted the point about this particular batsman. So, in the next match, they will try to put the same batsman on strike which helps in combating runs. The strategy where they have decided to try to put that particular batman on strike is the explanatory case studies.

As of now, you have basic knowledge about the types of case studies. Now, you must be getting confused between explanatory and exploratory types of case studies. Let me explain. Explanatory case studies will try to answer the question such as ‘how’ or ‘why’ whereas exploratory case studies will answer your question related to what or who

Final summary
Briefing the entire content, in short, it is vital to say that case studies can make your site stand apart from the rest in the competitive market. For gaining traffic, it is also important to have firm knowledge about this topic. It is though useful in attaining a large amount of traffic but also it can help in nurturing your key blog writing skills. A most underrated way to earn money is through blogging. Most difficult and complex yet most effective.

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