How To Test A PC Power Supply Like A Pro

How To Test A PC Power Supply Like A Pro

No one can overlook the importance of a power supply to flawlessly run a computer. Whether you want to test your computer PSU for the first time or you want to learn the right process to avoid troubleshooting issues, you will need to consider different approaches to operate your computer in a hassle-free manner. Luckily, in this post, we are going to share expert-recommended ways to deal with a faulty PSU. Have a look below to check your personal computer PSU like a pro.

Turn Off Your Computer
When it comes to fixing computer issues, switching off the computer is the first thing to do. Once you decide to test the computer power unit, ensure to shut it down first. Do keep in mind to take out the wire from the outlet after flipping the switch located on the back of the computer electric supply unit. Take out the power code from the switch or extension safely. By doing this you will not only stop the flow of electricity but also safely remove the power unit.

Safely Remove Your PC Case
After you disconnect the flow of electric supply and cables from the computer and switch, make sure to take out every screw of the case properly. Don’t forget to remove the dirt, dust, and stickers on your computer case before disassembling it. Securely open your computer case to avoid cut or hand injury. Remove the screws of the power supply that are inside the case once you take out your computer case.

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Create A Paper Clip Tester
One of the best ways to check your computer power unit is to have a paper clipper. As you will need a paper clipper to test your computer power unit, ensure to make it on your own. For this, you can bend a paperclip in a U shape to meet your needs. By doing this you can insert it into the power supply to check signals. The paper clip will enable you to verify PSU common issues including short circuits, failed components as well as a real-time power connection. It is an effective way to know if you need to replace PSU or you need to fix issues related to a power failure that are caused by voltage fluctuations as well as overheating,

Figure Out Connector Pins
First of all, you will need to find out the largest connector for the power supply that is linked with your PC motherboard. After you landed on the 20/24 Pin connector, look for the green pin and a black pin that is probably 15 & 16 pins. Double-check that the PSU is completely disconnected from any electric outlet before trying to insert the paperclip ends into the green pin 15 along with a neighboring black pin 16.

Test the PSU Fan

Once you inserted the paperclip into each of the pins, plug the power supply into the electric outlet, and switch it on from the back (red or black button). If the PSU is receiving power, now you test the fan by hearing the fan voice or analyzing its movement. In case the fan is not working, then you will need to test pins again. If the fan still does not turn on, then chances are high that you will need to replace the PSU. However, you can perform several methods to ensure that PSU is working correctly with a testing unit or multimeter.

Check PSU Via Application
If your PC is working then you can test the output of your PSU through a specific application. Turn on your operating system, and install a recommended PSU application to test the output of the power supply. There are numerous freeware applications available over the internet that you can install to test your PSU voltage and temperature. For this, you can also watch a video tutorial over YouTube to ensure the best outcome.

Reassemble Your PC
Once you tested or replaced your PSU, make sure to close your PC case. Make sure that all of your components are connected with the motherboard and the PSU properly. If connectors are not properly seated, you won’t be able to use your computer appropriately. Close the computer case and tighten all screws before trying to switch it on. If you are still facing power issues while using your PC, ensure to acquire expert assistance.

In the end, we can state now that the above step-by-step process is best for computer users who want to test their PSU like a pro. From manual paper clip tester to specific testing devices, there are numerous methods to check the flow of electricity in a PSU. In case you successfully turn on your computer, use a highly recommended application to test your PSU voltage and temperature. Don’t miss to follow safety rules to avoid any inconvenience.

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