All Mauritius sights on a map

All Mauritius sights on a map

Caudan Waterfront and the Blue Penny Museum
The modern shopping district of Port Louis is the Caudan Waterfront. At first, it sounds boring, but actually, it's pretty nice. Opened in 1996, the area is on the water, as the name implies, and you can enjoy a nice walk there and eat and drink something.

The Blue Penny Museum is also located in the Caudan Waterfront grounds. The exhibition focuses on the island's history, but most visitors come here for the most famous marking in the world: Blue Mauritius!

Blue Mauritius (Blue Penny), like precious Red Mauritius, can be seen here (Red Penny).

Temples, churches, and mosques in Port Louis
Port Louis, as the capital of the country, is also the center of culture and religion. In Port Louis, you will find various places of worship of various religions.

The Chinese Nam Sun Tin Temple, just next to the racetrack, the Jummah Mosque close to the Central Market, and Port Louis Cathedral are all very valuable.

Day tour through Port Louis
One day, in Port Louis, we visited all the sights. Driving in a rental to Port Louis is definitely not recommended. Scarce parking and driving are not very fun in town.

From anywhere on the island you can easily get to Port Louis by bus. Port Louis has two major bus stops. Busses leave to the north on Migration Square, right next to the Central Market, and to the west on Victoria Square, the bus leaves towards the south.

Once you are in the city, you can easily reach all the famous places on foot.

The tour we recommended above includes all of Port Louis's main attractions if you don't want to explore the city on your own.

Black River Gorges National Park
Must-see sights in Mauritius South and Southwest

Probably the largest collection of sights to see in the Southwest of Mauritius island.

Seven Colored Lands and Waterfall of Chamarel

A very special phénomene is the seven Colored Earths. The wave floor of the 7 Colored Earths is a popular photo subject and shimmers in different colors. The colors, when the sun is low in the sky, really come out late at night.

You will also pass the Chamarel Waterfall on the way to the Seven Colored Earths. The waterfall is rather narrow, but it falls over 90 meters.

At the entrance to the entire Chamarel plain, you have to pay an entrance fee.

Ganga Talao
At the eastern end of Black River Gorges, National Park is Ganga Talao or Grand Bassin. There are several Hindu statues around the lake and Ganga Talao is actually the largest Hindu pilgrimage site outside India.

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A four-lane road leads to Ganga Talao that for the time we were at it was completely overwhelmed because a few pilgrims were next to us at the lake.

However, wide streets are for one reason, with more than 500 000 white Hindus flocking into the lake and every year at the end of January/beginning of March, Ganga Talao hosts the Maha Shivaratri.

The green lungs of Mauritius are just behind Chamarel: the national park Black River Gorges.
The National Park offers several hiking routes that offer a true beach contrast: green forests, wild monks, numerous waterfalls, and beautiful views.

We aren't really big on hiking and we didn't have that long, unfortunately, so we just went in the car to the national park. That is also worthwhile, however, because you can stop at some of the finest points of view.

Tea plant and tea route in Bois Cheri
The Bois Cheri tea plantation is located a few kilometers east of Ganga Talao. We had seen tea plantations only in Sri Lanka before, so we were surprised to find them in Mauritius packages.

You can not only look at the green plantations in Bois Cheri, but you can also visit the tea factory and learn all about the production process.

The restaurant overlooks best. The restaurant's access costs 200 MUR, but your food and drinking order will be credited.

But on the so-called 'Tea Route,' bois Cheri is just one stop. It runs via Bois Cheri to San Aubino from the Domaine des Aubineaux.

Trou aux Cerfs
The Trou aux Cerfs is a volcano 650 meters high inside Mauritius. The volcano is long sleeping and in the crater, there is a little lake.

A wide road leads around the crater, giving you a fantastic panorama of the island. The volcano itself is not so spectacular, but the Trou aux Cerfs is worth driving for the view.

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