What Does the Process of A Commercial Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Involves

What Does the Process of A Commercial Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Involves

A kitchen canopy cleaning is an imperative process to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic for your clients. This kind of cleaning is generally required in commercial kitchens like that of restaurants, hotels, and cafes, ensuring that their expensive equipment remains in good working condition. Not just will canopy cleaning enhance their performance, it will also assist to avoid accidents and fires. Since a commercial kitchen canopy should be inspected regularly, keeping them in the best shape is very important. The collection of oil and grease can be dangerous and should be avoided always. If you do not get your canopy cleaned regularly, the grease and oil can build up easily and it can become a dangerous fire hazard. So, let us find out what does the canopy cleaning process involves:

The kitchen canopy cleaning process is a bit complex and overwhelming. So, it is best to hire experts to ensure that everything is cleaned properly. The different steps involved in the cleaning of a kitchen canopy are:

Caustic Chemicals: Such chemicals are used to break down the grease in the canopy. They are applied using a sprayer and need to sit over the grease for a specific time before washing off. The canopy cleaning Melbourne experts use food-safe chemicals only and adhere to the regulations all through the process.

Scrapers: Scrapers are used only in extreme situations where there is extensive grease build-up and chemicals can’t be applied. The scrapers are used to remove excessive amounts of grease. They may be needed to remove a large amount of grease or oil build-up even before using caustic chemicals.

Hot Water Pressure: After applying chemicals, hot water pressure washing is used to remove chemicals and clean the system further. A few machines use hot, boiling water for this process.

Finishing: Once this cleaning process is completed, most professional canopy cleaning companies will polish the canopy to make the cleaning process simpler for the future. It helps enhance the looks of the canopy.

Once the cleaning process gets over, most companies post a cleaning certificate on the canopy that is cleaned. It makes the system remain in line with the county, state, and local regulations. Commercial canopy cleaners follow the canopy cleaning guidelines. Such guidelines offer the necessary code for use of food and cooking safe chemicals, hot water pressure washing, and methods to accumulate the dirty water safety create during this process. So, handling this kind of canopy cleaning job yourself is pretty difficult. Since a canopy cleaning service should adhere to different regulations also, it is best to hand over this work to a well-trained professional. Let’s find out some more reasons to schedule a professional canopy cleaning service:

Enhance Indoor Air Quality
The key function of a kitchen canopy is removing all the harmful elements produced during cooking from the kitchen and the air. If the canopy is unclean, it works less efficiently to complete this vital job. People who spend time in your space will breathe in toxic and unhealthy air if such elements aren’t removed properly. So, enhance the interior air quality of your commercial kitchen easily by setting up a routine canopy cleaning service.

Reduce the Fire Risk
Many elements can collect in the canopy in most commercial kitchens. These elements like soot and grease are generally inflammable. When such elements get hot from constant use of various kitchen features, they will ignite. Due to this, an unclean canopy can become a fire hazard. To reduce the risks of fires and enhance the safety levels in a commercial kitchen, it is best to get the canopies cleaned regularly.

The canopy in a commercial kitchen is simple to overlook when it comes to routine cleaning processes. Your staff may focus mainly on keeping the countertops, floors, and other vital appliances clean, but may not consider cleaning the canopy regularly. Though a canopy doesn’t have to be cleaned regularly, it should be cleaned timely to promote the well-being and safety of people in the building.

People who manage or own a restaurant, hotel, café, or other kinds of commercial kitchens generally think about how often should they clean their kitchen canopy. The answer lies in how often the canopy is used and how much cooking is done in the kitchen. In lots of busy kitchens, scheduling a canopy cleaning service every month will be a smart decision. However, those with moderate or less use can schedule it half-yearly or annually based on their needs.

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